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"She truly has a gift that lets you know that if you didn't believe before then just have a conversation with her. You will know that her gift is real. Truly life changing!" 
-E. Pierson​

"So amazing to see a page like this. I have always questioned certain things in life and she really puts things in perspective for me. The page is always shining with the positivite outlook on EVERYTHING and that there is always a lesson to be learned. Love love love Marisa Moments!"

-M. Rodriguez

Dream Interpretation

Spiritual Guidance

Working Together

The Book

The mission of Marisa Moments is to inspire positive change through truth, love and light; while fostering an environment for respectful coexistence and acceptance. I do this through sharing personal experiences and lessons learned from these, "Marisa Moments". In addition, I offer guidance in the form of intuitive readings, teaching and the sharing of clairvoyant visions in order to help you along your journey of fulfillment. ​

Passionate about truth and understanding... 

The Blog ~ The Journey ~ The Lessons

​ Started in December 2012, Marisa Moments is the documented journey of an individual looking to change her outlook on life towards becoming a more positive and open-minded person. It is moments written from a personal standpoint that offer complete transparency with the hopes of showing others that they are not alone in any struggles and/or triumphs. 

Click the link below to visit the latest (or past) blog posts. This may be my life, but it's about universal experiences. Take a look! After all, you never know when you might see yourself.

Marisa's Moments