My Mission 

I share my personal moments in hopes that my transparency will give others the courage and motivation to share their life experiences as well. I believe that we can best move forward [in life] through processing, and part of this is knowing that we are not alone in our struggles (or triumphs).  

To remove the "stigma" of these moments I will:

  • Blog
  • Submit my writing/ stories for publication
  • Create space for public speaking engagements
  • ...and whatever else aims to promote my stories and [hopefully] subsequent healing

If you have any suggestions on how I can bring my mission to fruition, please contact me.  

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welcome to My world... 

Maternal Mortality
My Story

your best brand asset is understanding yourself.

In a word... Clarity.

Yes, I have visions. Yes, I have certain "gifts" that allow me to see a bit deeper into our reality, as well as alternate realities; but this is no longer my main focus. It's easy to offer specific answers to someone, the work is in helping you find your own. Simply put, I share my moments with extreme transparency in hopes of opening dialogues on subjects that may previously have been viewed as "taboo". 

  • Let's start the conversation about mental illness. 
  • Let's address your spiritual experience.
  • Most importantly, let's bring light to areas that are normally kept in the dark. [Maternal Mortality, Spiritual Ties, Depression, Anxiety, etc]

I will never promise exact answers, but I will help point you in the right direction. 

Now's the time for YOU to, Join the Conversation... 

Refer to links above to access the blogmaternal mortality stories and much more!

Or contact me directly with writing/speaking requests, questions, comments, suggestions, topics or any *stories that you wish to share

*please indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous or not with your submission 

What can i offer you?

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