This book serves as a Tool to guide you on your healing journey and awaken you to your power. Give yourself 2-5 minutes a day to Flip to whatever page you're called to, read the message and write down/ scribble/ draw/ underline as you feel compelled. This is designed to be specifically for YOU! So take what resonates and leave what doesn't.

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That is the reason behind the calls. I know it can seem intimidating to speak with an alien being - goddess but I can promise you I don't bite. Schedule a live 20-minute zoom call with me. This is currently a pay-what-you-can service. 

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I was recently interviewed for the Tactical Magic Podcast by Molly Mandelberg of Wild Hearts Rise Up. We had a great discussion about healing and your ability to regain control over past circumstances. Remember, healing is a choice and I'm here to serve as a facilitator. 

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I'm here to inspire and guide you to your healing and divinity. 

Divinity Recollection
Did you know that YOU too have superpowers? If you didn't, allow me to be the first to tell you. Truth is, we were all born with gifts, we've simply been programmed to explain them away or completely ignore them. Take a look at some of these Divinity Tip Videos. Explore which resonates and then schedule a call with me so that we might nurture and delve into the land of possibilities for YOUR growth.    

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Channeled Messages & Visions 

You know it's time to heal but you don't know where to start or how to continue (if you've already begun your journey). Spirit 

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The Podcast

Real life stories and their healing translations. New episodes released twice a week!  Interested in becoming a guest on the show and sharing a real life story to receive your intuitive translation? Contact Me Here

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Videos are recorded and uploaded directly here (even before YouTube). If you don't want to wait... Check this out and don't forget to follow.  Watch Now

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This book serves as a tool to guide you on your healing journey and awaken you to your power. Give yourself 2-5 minutes a day to Flip to whatever page you're called to, receive your message and expand. Buy Now

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There's More!

Forever in a state of expansion. Find even more healing inspiration and guidance here. Remember to only take what resonates and feel free to share anything that might resonate for someone else! You never know when you might trigger a healing. Remember, by working on self... you are changing the world! 

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