It all started when my father met my mother... 

          *no time for that... let's speed things along*

I was born with innate "gifts" but didn't realize others weren't the same for a very-very-very long time. I would wonder why people didn't have the same responses to the entities in the room? Why didn't people have as many questions as I did based on all the things they saw. 

*I'm dragging this out again, let's move ahead*

My Abilities?

[I see and experience A LOT! Listed in no particular order]

Mediumship: From very early on I could connect and see those that have crossed over, which kinda creeps me out to this day so I choose not to walk in that realm as much as others. 

Visions: I receive and experience visions throughout my days and nights. Many, I can participate in and some I exist as an observer. Oftentimes, this is when I experience readings for those that have been in contact with me. When this happens I often send them as videos to those that have previously given consent to receive them.

[Please Note: This is NOT the norm, so if you receive a random message regarding a personal reading or request for money from someone using my name and/or picture... know that I send VIDEO links to authenticate message source and I do NOT charge. Do NOT be scammed by someone claiming to be me.]

Intuitive: We are ALL intuitive, some of us simply choose to tune in a bit more than others. All of my actions are intuitively based. Some are "winners", others not-so-much, but they all drive me forward. 

Sky Particles: Ok, so I'm not sure how to refer to this but I see particles and often, what is best described as digitized fragments in the air. I also see sacred geometry in the sun. 

Nature Connection: I often refer to myself as the "Twisted Snow White". In that all animals are drawn to me but I can't say the feeling is mutual (respect the honesty). From as far back as I can recall, I've always had odd (divine) experiences with animals. Of late, I've noticed a remedial sense of communication. 

Dream Realm (Astral Travel): As long as I can recall, I've had vivid "dreams", which I would later recognize as visions and projections. I've battled demons and awoken from them with scratches that could not be explained away. 


"it was at this point she realized that she should've just made a video"

If you're still reading, you are officially one of my besties! So, I'm going to stop typing and tell you to just contact me or schedule a call if you want to know more! Yes, there is tons more to tell and some that I'm likely still not aware of as being different. All of this to say, you're not alone and nothing you've experienced could shock me, nor make me judge your journey. However, I just might be able to bring clarity to your darkness and confusion. 

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Who Is Marisa?

Marisa is an enigma. She is a healing facilitator and demon slayer that uses her moments, channeled messages, visions, and other spiritual connections to help awaken others to their innate divinity.

Marisa Moments is not your average demon slayer. She’s healing while she heals…

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