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​Marisa Ikpoh is a wife, the mother of four beautiful daughters, a highly sensitive person, clairvoyant and medium. She is no different than the stranger sitting next to you on the bus, in the coffee shop or in line behind you at the grocery store. She has chosen to accept life’s ‘obstacles’ with a positive outlook and has chosen to share her moments with the aspiration of spreading hope on a global scale. She has articles appearing on the personal and business pages of various groups and organizations on numerous social media outlets. She has been published with The Master Shift and has received testimony from numerous individuals and public figures on the positive effects her messages have made in their lives. When she isn't writing, she’s most likely giving people the heebie-jeebies by saying what most only think.

A few words about me

  • Random Visions Daily
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Experience with Anxiety, Depression & OCD
  • Clairvoyant
  • Empath
  • Healer
  • Unintentional Witch
  • Mother of Twins
  • All Around Bad Ass

For a while, I didn't know what I should do with Marisa Moments anymore. I've strayed so far from where I began. I got lost in the mere magnitude of possibilities. At first, I thought I needed to be extremely Zen-like. No cussing, no impropriety, no nothing, not even myself. Then I figured I'd dive head-first into the land of spirit. Focusing in on the fact that I have visions daily and deciding to share this gift with others. Yet, I felt unfulfilled. Yes, it was great to be able to offer some clarity and/or comfort to those reaching out in the darkness, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't doing what I should.

​Since then, I've had a very powerful experience that has shifted much of how I view the world and even more; how I view myself.
Therefore, I've decided to change things up and offer what I feel to be my true self in hopes of starting to head in the direction I think I might be meant to go. Only time will tell if this is right.

Ladies and gentleman.... My name is Marisa, and these are my Moments​. 

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