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This is about a journey to achieving spiritual, mental and emotional transformation. Initially you may be tempted to scoff at the notion of change, until contemplation begins to persuade your thoughts and lead you down a path that will forever change your life. 

The question remains: ​

Are YOU ready to "Begin YOUR Journey"?


"She said many things that only me and my departed knew about. Very comforting."  
- Saandra G.

"We each strive to learn our way through this life and to have a friend who is there to openly share her own journey with us is a great comfort. Thank you for letting me see your demons in order to help me accept mine! You are a precious gift!"
- Melissa N-S.

Who is marisa anyway?!

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Get to Know Me...


Marisa is many, many things... definable is NOT one of them, but I'll do my best anyway. She is the wife to Christopher; Mother to Ness, Jazz, Cass and Rocky; daughter, sister, aunt, friend, etc. to many. She is a spiritual being that happens to receive visions. She has battled mental health issues, consciously and subconsciously, for the majority of her life. 

She has been on an unconventional spiritual journey for years, which has taken her on many adventures throughout her lifetime. However, in this year of clear vision (2020), she has finally decided to claim her power by focusing inward. 

The road along the journey of this thing called life is never straight and easy... but it'll be worth it. Her peace comes through dance and sharing visions with those willing to receive.

This motivational blog aspires to inspire.