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August 3rd, 2020 - Ignoring IS NOT Solving 
I've been noticing a trend in my world. This isn't some hashtag trend or some new social media challenge; it's a trend among some of the people I observe. (No, I'm not on any stalker type shit... I just feel a great way to learn is by observing; because after time, people always reveal their truths [present company included]). Anywho... the trend I'm referring to is dismissal and ignoring.

I've noticed that many have the tendency to ignore things that they deem to be "bad" or "uncomfortable". To be fair, I think they perceive this action as a means of reducing it's negative effects and therefore taking away its power. However (in my humble opinion that you did not ask for), I feel that this could potentially have a stronger negative impact than one might originally think. I feel (yes, I'm using my "I statements") that if you don't address problems head-on, then you are basically inviting a recurrence into your life. 

I also mentioned "dismissal" because I feel that it can often serve as a partner to "ignoring", in that we can be so focused on trying to navigate around negativity that we develop the propensity to dismiss it when it rears its ugly head. Again, I'm no expert, but I don't think this is going to bring the type of resolution we truly seek. I feel (there it goes again) that if we don't learn the lesson, then we are dooming ourselves to enter an endless loop. 

So I propose that instead of ignoring and dismissing the dismal moments in our lives, that we take a beat... observe... acknowledge... LEARN... take action (if necessary)... Then and ONLY then... move forward. Listen, I'm not pretending to have all or hell even any answers; I'm simply sharing my personal moments and observations as a means of hopefully getting others to do the same. Some things might resonate, whilst others may not and that's OK. Thing is, we all have to start somewhere. Why not here? So I ask AGAIN... Are YOU ready to Begin YOUR Journey