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So, You Want To Help?...

Here's how.

...ORRRR Help Yourself (and me) At The Same Time!

  • Purchase a copy of, "Daily Divinity Reminders: It's Time To Wake Up" your new healing/intuitive guidance tool HERE *NOTE: This is an unsigned copy

  • Thinking about buying the book but have no idea what it's about? No problem, check this out! learn more

FREE Go Heal Yourself Tote!!! 

Let's get the word out, be functional and carry your belongings at the same time! Receive a FREE Marisa Moments "Go Heal Yourself" Tote bag with a $33 Donation! Simply click the payment button to receive yours now.  Makes for a great gift and/or conversation starter. While supplies last. 

How To Contribute

Simply click on your preferred payment processing and send whatever you can! 

Again... I thank you, truly. 

Feel free to let me know if your preferred processor is not listed so that I can add it. Email HERE

The Bottom-Line

What's the overhead? 
These are current monthly expenses to keep the mission alive... also known as the bare minimum needed to stay afloat. 

  • Website/Email: $50 
  • Podcast: $30
  • Coffee: $20 (I kid, but seriously... coffee)

So, all we need is $70 - 100 a month and we're STILL in "business". Anything beyond that helps in the expansion.