Divinity Recollection

You already know and recognize there's something special about you. Perhaps you've never quite fit in, perhaps you've seen things that you either couldn't explain or didn't feel comfortable sharing with others because you didn't want to seem "crazy". Well, Spirit has me sharing the behind the scenes of many of my superpowers in order to help you recognize the same in yourself. Check out the videos and watch to see yourself. Understand that you are not alone, nor are you crazy. It's time to remember who you are and what you're capable of... it's time to remember your divinity.

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Divinity Tips

Here are some divinity tips and insights into your superpowers... Be sure to SEND YOUR QUESTIONS in and I promise to get back to you. Listen, I know it can seem odd and confusing but when we work together, we can figure anyhthihng out. Added Bonus: I've experienced and seen nearly everything (not to brag) so odds are good I can help. Besides, what do you have to lose? 

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