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My real life stories/situations and their healing translations 

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Your Daily Divinity Reminder​

You are a Divine Being... you just need to heal in order to remember. These are daily downloads from the Universe that work to inspire, guide and aid in your healing.

Healing Guidance

The following are channeled messages and real-life stories with their healing translations. They are shared so that you may see yourself and apply what resonates. Think of this as a cliffs notes version of the healing textbook that YOU are writing for your own journey. 

OH, and don't forget to...

Visions Videos

I receive visions every night. They come to bring clarity to my life and the lives of others. You may see yourself in some of them and that means Spirit has a message for YOU! Remember to take what resonates and apply it towards your healing.

I wrote you a letter...

These are from me to you, my dearest friend. Remember... I often lead with love, whilst other times I shoot from the hip; all times are for you to take a deeper look at yourself and move forward on your journey. 

Messages from the Universe

Divinely Downloaded Messages Channeled by Me!  Oh, and some book reminders because... BUY IT!

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