How Can YOU Help?

There are currently no fees behind any of the guidance or services. However, we do incur overhead to maintain the reach of efforts and awakenings. In order to continue helping you and those like you (for free), your assistance is needed.  >>>

Divinity Guide 

Take a closer look at this Spirit led guide that offers healing instruction and opens dialogue with the Universe. 

The Podcast

My real life stories and their healing translations. New episodes released twice a week! 

Video Source

Videos are recorded and uploaded directly here (even before YouTube). If you don't want to wait... Check this out!

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Divinity Reminders & Letters

Messages and personal letters TO YOU based on daily visions. These brief, yet insightful posts serve as reflections of your own divinity. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't... Remember, there is no right-or-wrong, nor any timeline by which these expire. Messages - Letters

Channeled Messages & Visions 

​Channeled messages aim to provide divine instruction and serve as mile markers along your healing journey. 

Visions come in the form of precognitive dreams that are intuitively interpreted to offer healing guidance.


Available By Appointment   773.340.0734

Heal. Awaken.


​Healing while i heal

Schedule a live 20-minute zoom call

Intuitive Guidance - Pay what you can. 

There's More!

Forever in a state of expansion. Find even more healing inspiration and guidance here. Remember to only take what resonates with yourself and feel free to share anything that might resonate for someone else! You never know when you might trigger a healing. Remember, by working on self... you are changing the world! 

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