July 18, 2020 - I'm A Loser
Today started off as just another average day. My twins woke me up so lovingly by screaming, throwing their mattresses off of their beds and then jumping up-and-down on the wood base so that I felt obligated to get them, otherwise disturbing everyone else from their slumber. It is always so glorious. Then I got them together and made myself a little breakfast in order to take my sinus meds. (Man, I'm really filling y'all in right now!) 

Anywho... Then I joined a morning workout class; which was EXHAUSTING but so great. THEN I logged the babies into a story time read along on zoom. They basically stare at the reader with pure judgement, but in my mind, they're getting tons out of it! THEN, I changed them so I could get ready to log into my second class of the morning. This is where things get sticky. I attempt to log-in with the info I was given but nothing. I keep receiving the error message that I'm entering the wrong password. I then do what any "normal" person does... I email them, message them and try the password about 10.000 additional times. (What, you don't do that?!) 

It's at this point that I can feel myself starting to spiral mentally. I can no longer focus on where I had just been mentally, now all I can think is, "this is not what is supposed to happen... why isn't the code working... are other people able to log-in... why wouldn't I be able to get in with the info they sent... am I the issue... why does shit always happen to the events I actually want to participate in... why do I have to put in so much work just for things to not work out..." I think you get the picture... My spiral is deep!​ 

I said that to say this... Depression is NO JOKE! And even moreso, it's a sneaky bitch! Just when you think you have your shit together; BAM, there she goes again (not sure why I made it female, but I digress).  Truth is: it's OK to not be OK. It's OK to admit to being in the midst of the struggle. It doesn't make you weak and it doesn't make you a complete loser-failure (I just made that up)... even when you feel like you are. The most important part to me is to acknowledge the pain/struggle; to allow yourself to be vulnerable and admit your emotional state... just don't unpack and move into the state of depression (they don't have good restaurants). 

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