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July 2, 2020 - Almost Everyone Sucks Right Now
Ever have one of those days when you start out on top of the world… the coffee is on point, the kids are all getting along, your friends/family all check in on you and you just couldn't ask for anything more? Yea, me neither.

This morning, I was screamed awake… literally. One of the twins SCREAMED bloody murder, so before my brain could fully register what was happening, I was legit rolling out of bed. I won't go into the rest of that scene because it doesn't matter. However, I did notice a declining trend in my mental state as the day progressed. 

Could it be:

  • the person that called me ignorant on social media?
  • the person that ignored me because I didn't follow my usual habit of showing up for them?
  • the person that wanted to speak with me, but is never willing to listen?
  • the ever present people that follow my every move in hopes that I'll trip?

But I digress… Point is, today has been a rough mental day. It made me feel as if I wanted to chuck most people out of the proverbial window. I wanted to shut completely down and say, "fuck it". Today, mostly everyone sucked. Then again, I'd be remiss if I didn't note: when we're in dark places, it's hardest to see the light. Everything appears to take the same negative form and of course, perception IS reality. 
So instead of allowing myself to continue the free-fall… I'm going to drink some wine, listen to some good music, (maybe pencil in a quick cry) and just vibe the fuck out! After all, this journey isn't about perfection and all sunshine/daffodils; it's about embracing where I am, trying to understand it and then move forward with the lessons it avails. 
This is where I ask… Are YOU ready to Begin YOUR Journey

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