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June 24th, 2020 - The Struggle
I struggle every day with what we label as, "anxiety, depression and OCD tendencies". I've been to the pits of Hell and back more than twice-over. I've had moments where I literally wanted to give-up because I felt everyone around me would be better off without the burden I felt I presented. I'm not perfect, nor am I near perfect... I Am Human.

This journey isn't one that began over night and it's not about being narcissistic. Truth is; it's very difficult for me to stand in my power and build my confidence. However, I've worked damned hard to get where I am today, and that deserves notice and acknowledgement! 

I'm not looking for a parade (although I wouldn't turn it down); I'm looking to inspire YOU to dig deep... push beyond the moments of complete and utter darkness! I KNOW how hard it can be to persist with the pain of a thousand sorrows and question yourself because you should "be so happy". I KNOW what it's like to "put on a face" to make others comfortable. I KNOW what it's like to feel invisible and voiceless. 

I am here today to tell you... it is up to YOU to own your power! Tell yourself everyday that you DESERVE to be here and YOU do MATTER!

Remind yourself on the good days: I Deserve this happiness!

Remind yourself on the bad days: "I just have to make it to tomorrow"

Begin YOUR Journey

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