June 25th, 2020 - Why Dance?

In a world of endless possibilities... Why on Earth would I choose dance? Let alone choose dance when I'm well over the typical dance age

Dance is fluidity. Dance is release. Dance is happiness. Dance is expression.... Shall I go on?

I used to tell people that I couldn't dance and that I had no rhythm. I did that as a means of self-preservation, in the same manner that I use humor as a coping mechanism. I figure; if I call something out or make fun of myself... I can beat others to the punch. That has turned me into a sensitive soul that reads into everyone's words and actions. It's not fun. I struggle with accepting compliments because I always think people are making fun of me. I am always looking for the angle behind words and actions. So for me to take on Dance as a journey is not something I take lightly. Yes, I like to have fun with it and I try not to take myself too seriously... but I AM serious about my efforts. 

It's all a very delicate balance for me. Releasing insecurities and self-doubt, while attempting to stand in my power as a vulnerable, yet confident woman is no easy task. I constantly look at my videos and see everything I did wrong or how silly I look and I am so tempted to call it a wash... but that's a part of the journey! Allowing myself to sit in my discomfort in order to grow through what I go through.

Let me tell you first hand... if you thought the journey would be easy, I hate to break it to ya... it ain't! It's uncomfortable, it's dark, it's happy, it's light; it's ALL the things... but that's life! Find what makes you happy. Seek what appears to be beyond your comfort zone and push your own limits! Stop making excuses as to why you can't and look for the reasons you have to... Begin YOUR Journey

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