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June 27th, 2020 - Not Today, Satan!

Someone asked a table of women if, "you ever wake-up in the morning and are instantly in a bad mood?" To which they ALL responded, "no, never!" I said (nearly at the same time as their response), "YES!"

Point of this quick story is to say... it's OK to be honest about the good AND the bad shit that you feel, there is literally no need to "front for company".

Do I know for sure they weren't being honest?... nope, but com'on! This is a HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Truth is, many think that they must deny anything negative in order to be a positive person. However, I think (and I'm NO expert) that you must be able to acknowledge the bad shit in order to truly appreciate the good shit. I'm not suggesting a dwell session, but I do think we should be able to be more transparent with ourselves and each other if we want to progress on our journeys.

So today I say, live your BEST life but don't put undo pressure on yourself to be "perfect". Life is messy, enjoy the ride and be true to yourself without causing harm to anyone in the process... Begin YOUR Journey