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June 28th, 2020 - Streamline That Shit!

My therapist says that I have no gray area; things are usually black or white with me, there is no in-between. You know what I say to that?! "You right, you right!"

I say that, to say this:

Dance has become a huge cornerstone of my journey during this time in my life. I love and appreciate so much about it (read about it here). However, I've noticed that my attention has been staggered because my embrace of the art has started to become too large for my arms to withstand. I want to do it all! I'm like a psychotic kid after a trip to the circus; having tried all the sweets that money can buy! My head is on a constant swivel looking for the next dance class... always planning ahead and diving into new genres head-first. It's exhausting!

Today, as I sit here, going over my (and the family's) calendar for the week, I am forced to take pause. How can I continue to progress my love and appreciation of a single dance form, if I'm not still long enough to truly learn it? So, today I begin the process of whittling down my focus. I am taking a moment to ask myself, "What do I truly love?"

It's easy to become overwhelmed when you feel as if you're doing everything and your focus is scattered. Today I challenge myself (and you) to take a breath and decide what I'm truly passionate about. It's time to streamline things. Otherwise, overwhelm will become a constant along the path to self-discovery.

Ask yourself, "what do I truly want?"... Begin YOUR Journey