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"Marisa Moments: Begin YOUR Journey"

published June 30, 2014

MARISA has found herself facing a new way of being. She has been through the ringer of self-doubt and cynicism from her life experiences. After the passing of a close friend’s relative, she realizes that her way of being is no longer in-line with forming a safe and prosperous future for her family or herself. She begins to experience dreamlike-visions that illustrate the discrepancies in her life and highlight her conscious need and subconscious desires to shift her actions and thoughts to that of positivity and prosperity. She is on a mission towards becoming the change she wishes to see in this world. She then decides to share her experiences through transparency in hopes of spreading consciousness of the fact that we all have the power to affect change within our lifetimes.

This is about a journey towards achieving spiritual transformation. Along the way, there will be stages of change to face. Initially you may be tempted to scoff at the notion of change, until contemplation begins to persuade your thoughts and lead you to preparation of a journey that will forever change your life. Throughout your experiences, you will face moments of self-doubt and outside distractions. In these moments, take pause to recognize that you are on the verge of becoming a beacon of light for the world to see. There is no easy or direct route to take when it comes to fulfilling goals of a brighter and happier tomorrow; but by focusing on the moments as they arrive, we are able to learn valuable lessons. Allow your determination to be your driving force to realizing your true destiny. Decide once and for all, that you are no longer content with the ways of the world. Awaken to the truth behind our everyday lives. Recognize that we are all connected and meant for a greater destiny.

This book will show you the harsh realities, as well as the humorous side of our collective existence, by sharing moments that will resonate with you. It holds a mirror up to your everyday life and encourages change… Not for the sake of preaching a different way; but in a manner that leaves you with the ultimate decision. Will you choose to be the change you wish to see in this world?

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