Daily Divinity Reminders 

I have exciting news! I wrote and published a book. 

What is it about?
You've heard of tarot, you've heard of astrology... now you have Divine Downloads in a single book. Messages from God (Universe, Gaia, Angels, etc.) that aim to guide healing journeys, facilitate awakenings and begin/continue conversations with the ultimate source. Simply flip to any page you feel drawn to and receive your message. From there YOU use your discernment to carry the conversation forward. Just remember not to overthink it.

It's available in all versions for your convenience (E-book $2.99, Paperback $8.88, Hardcover $18.18) on Amazon. Click the link and order your copy today. 

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It's Time To Wake Up!!

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Now that you've had a chance to flip a few times and receive your message(s), I'd LOVE to hear from you! Let me know your honest opinion (good,bad or indifferent) by submitting a review. Don't worry about having the "perfect words", we all know that doesn't exist by now. However, your review might just trigger someone else into taking steps towards their own journey/healing. 

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